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Installing PlayStation 2 Top Cover 


Installing PlayStation 2 Top 


Written By: jwyoung 


Metal Spudger (1) 
Phillips #1 Screwdriver (1) 
Phillips 00 Screwdriver (1) 


Replace your PlayStation 2's scratched-up or worn out top cover. 

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Installing PlayStation 2 Top Cover 

Step 1 — Top Cover 

• Flip the PlayStation 2 over so it lays with the bottom of the device facing upwards. 

• Use the flat edge of a metal spudger to pry the eight flat screw covers out. 

• Remove the following eight screws securing the top cover to the bottom case: 
• Four 55.4 mm Philips screws 

Four 18.0 mm Phillips screws 


Step 2 


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• Peel the warranty sticker (located 
next to the main power switch) 
straight away from the case. 

• To avoid activating the 
VOID that may come up, 
heat it carefully to remove and 
replace it clean 


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Installing PlayStation 2 Top Cover 

Step 3 

• Flip the PlayStation 2 back to its original upside position. 


• Lift the top cover off the bottom case. 

• To facilitate the removal, it is recommended to pry open the half closer to the power 
switch first while rocking the top cover towards the front of the bottom case. 

• Carefully remove the power cord that attaches the top and bottom halves by disconnecting 
the power cord assembly from the bottom case. 


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order. 

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